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Stand with Stan gives amputees the gift of movement, one step at a time and helps them to lead fulfilling lives. We believe that nobody should be denied their dreams. That’s why all we do is geared towards giving disadvantaged amputees quality prosthetics, along with mentoring amputees that require it. This ensures that amputees have a positive attitude towards life and their prosthetic.
Too many amputees are currently living unfulfilled lives because their prosthetics are not at the level required to live a rewarding life. This is mainly due to many amputees not having the right resources such as medical aid and end up having to use a government institution or even the wrong prosthetist.

Another problem is that many people with access to good prosthetics feel uncomfortable with these “foreign objects” and refuse to use them. We’ve found that even with the best prosthetics in the world, an amputee may never develop a good attitude towards the prosthetic or even life as an amputee without the correct rehabilitation.
This is another reason why we believe that by providing quality prosthetics and helping an amputee achieve the right attitude, he or she will realise that life doesn’t need to change with prosthetics – except for the better. The amputee can be assisted to develop a more positive attitude towards their prosthetic and their outlook on life through our mentoring programme.

Through corporate partnership, along with several annual fundraisers, we hope to raise the financial requirements needed to give each amputee the prosthetics suited to their individual needs. Combined with the mentorship, amputees have a much bigger chance to reach their full potential.

By becoming a pledge partner you can help us reach our goal of returning mobility to amputees. Begin your partnership now.


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  311 139 is the extrapolated statistic for the prevalence of amputees (adult and paediatric) in South Africa (rightdiagnosis.com)